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Fiorella Butron, B.A.

Holistic Health Chef | Certified Sommelier | Ayurveda Practitioner | Herbalist

Fiorella has always been drawn to helping others and to food. Her work as a professional chef trained in holistic nutrition, ayurvedic health, and wine allows her to pursue these lifelong passions in tandem, creating delicious dishes that nourish, heal and delight.

Growing up in a multi-national family in Peru, Fiorella cut her teeth on the flavors of Italy, the Middle East and Peru, developing a love for spices and fresh ingredients at her grandmother’s apron strings. She began college studies in traditional medicine, but changed course after three years to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu in Lima, Peru, and earn a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. She then honed her skills and palate working and traveling around the world, from Hawaii and California to Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and India. She became a certified sommelier and applied the sensory training to enhance her cooking, but her work felt incomplete: she still wanted to help heal people. Returning to medicine, she began studying ayurvedic practices and herbalism, which resonated more deeply with her than traditional medicine had, with the goal of weaving holistic health principles into her professional cooking.

As Culinary Director of Stone Edge Farm’s EDGE Restaurant, she developed a sustainable, regenerative kitchen program for fine dining and elevated healthful cooking to new heights. In 2023, she left EDGE to bring delicious, healthy cuisine to a broader audience through Allikai – her newest culinary venture.

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I am deeply grateful for my global community, and I am looking forward to helping others.

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