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Fiorella Butron, B.A.

Holistic Nutrition, Integrative Chef, Ayurveda Practitioner, Student of Herbalism

Co-Author of The Stone Edge Farm Kitchen Larder Cookbook

I love to help others, so I decided to study medicine in college. After three years, I realized traditional medicine wasn't the right approach for me, and I followed another path. I've had a life-long passion for food. Growing up in a multi-national family in Peru, I cultivated a unique background with Peruvian, Italian, and Middle- Eastern cuisines. As a child, I often found myself in the kitchen at my Grandmother's side, developing a love for spices and fresh ingredients. Choosing to study culinary was a natural fit, so I enrolled at Cordon Bleu in Lima, Peru, and received a bachelor's degree in culinary arts.

After graduating, I spent the next decade honing my food skills, learning to trust my senses while working with different cuisines in Florida, Hawaii, and California and traveling around Europe, Latin America, South East Asia, and India. I quickly learned that I had a gift with my palette and could provide dishes with a sound balance of flavors. I became a certified Sommelier and broadened my skills by learning how to use my smell to bring a more balanced approach to my cooking.

Despite all my education and experience, I still felt that something was missing. One day I had an awakening that I needed to embrace my innate calling for health and wellness and merge it with food. I started working as a personal chef focusing on healing with whole foods, educating people in the process. I got involved with gardens around my community and studied Ayurveda, something I had been interested in since my early medical school days. I am inspired daily by this way of life that incorporates body, mind, and spirit by understanding the elements. It unites my knowledge and passion for wholesome living. It makes sense to me. I am currently studying with Michael Tierra, taking the Professional Herbalist Course, and working as the Culinary Director and Executive Chef of Stone Edge Farm. I have developed a sustainable and regenerative program in the kitchen with less waste while building a larder that serves as the foundation for our cuisine.

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I am deeply grateful for my global community, and I am looking forward to helping others.

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